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We help you see a bigger picture of your child's education. We go beyond the classroom and champion learning by doing.

"Experience is the teacher of all things" - Julius Caesar
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Parenting- the hardest job in the world. 

From day one, we care for our children and teach them to become strong and independent, ready for the world. Our desire to achieve that is so powerful, that we agonise over schools, the place of formal education, designed to help us. But does it? 


What is education now, in 2023? What will it be like in ten years, and what will the world be like when our children are ready to fly the nest? Are they going to be ready? Workplace, attitudes, cultures and skills change so fast. Education is much more than schooling alone, this is now CLEAR. Statistics show that over 30% of young adults still live with their parents in the UK, and are NOT READY to leave that nest. 


Children today need to be adaptable, resilient, open minded, multidisciplinary- THE LIST GOES ON. We also want them to be happy and self sufficient, ideally doing what they love. Oh, and they should care about the planet, so they still have somewhere to live.  

How much of that is taught at schools today? Not much. Not enough. Not in an impactful way. Schools are trying. Some do great, some less so. So it comes back to you, the parent, as your child's FIRST EDUCATOR, to remain in control of the process. 

How do we do that? By having a STRATEGY and creating EXPERIENCES. 

Here at Collab, we have combined the latest research and trends in education, with best practices from around the world and created a unique tool to help you devise your child's HOLISTIC EDUCATIONAL STRATEGY. We aim to help you and your child find clarity in your goals and take the stress out of the process. 

We also strongly believe that meaningful EXPERIENCES can teach a child much more than time spent in the classroom. This is why we have curated a range of experiences to suit, develop and challenge your child's interests and skills to complement their formal schooling.   

If you are feeling lost on your child's educational journey, just ASK US. We COLLABORATE with experts in the field, and are parents and educators ourselves, so we understand what you are going through and will find a solution. 

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Open Book

So many great books are written by educationalists on a huge range of topics. We read A LOT- and share our favourites with you.  Join our Book Club and the discussion- we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


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