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Bespoke Advice

No two situations are ever the same, and we pride ourselves on bringing our experience and knowledge for your benefit. Sometimes a request can be very straightforward, and other times, it requires more creative solutions and thinking outside the box. You can expect a professional, friendly and dedicated service, tailored to your needs, taking away your stress and bringing efficiency and expertise to the entire process. 

   -Initial consultation: an in-depth conversation with the parents and child where applicable.     

   -Information gathering: analysing school reports and any useful information relating to the child.

   -Identifying goals: what do we really want to achieve considering the child's best interests.  

   -Educational strategy creation: a comprehensive action plan within a specific timeline to achieve the goals.

   -Strategy implementation: full support to carry out the agreed plan, but being adaptable to any circumstances.

Our recent cases: 


  • Perfectly matching a creative and ambitious student to a top Swiss boarding school in the middle of the academic year.

  • Organising home schooling for two primary aged children in France (including all necessary permissions and bespoke curriculum development, sourcing the tutor and managing the whole process) to see outstanding progress. 

  • Finding a college that is a right fit for a 14 year old girl in London with limited English level to achieve her dream to go to a selective school at 16+, with preparation, homeschooling and sourcing a guardian.

  • Creating bespoke educational strategy for a boy through a combination of assessments and mentoring to completely change the course of his schooling which was not working out. 

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