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Learning by doing is a proven method that goes beyond acquiring specific skills. It develops independence, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking in children, and really enriches their education. We strongly believe that all children should learn from experiences, get out of their comfort zone, make new friends and have fun.  

Camps are the best way to get children on the path of independence and broadening their horizons. We have first hand knowledge of top summer camps in the UK, Switzerland and worldwide that can be matched to your child’s interests and personality. 

  • From 3-18 years old

  • Boarding and Day options

  • Duration of 1-8 weeks 

  • Location: UK- Switzerland- USA- Rest of the world

  • When: Summer - Spring - Winter

  • A wide choice of academic programmes or specific interests: anything from fashion and culinary to STEM and University preparation, from football and horse riding to filmmaking and language learning- the possibilities are endless! 

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