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While nobody knows your child better than you, we like to dig a little deeper. We offer a range of assessments to understand how they learn, their academic capabilities, where they are mentally and emotionally, and most importantly, what is their potential.

Assessments are an important starting point to reach your goals, or to help set them. Our assessments are tailored to each individual request - be it in testing the level of a certain subject or exam readiness, to diagnosing special educational needs. 


We always have a conversation with the parents and where appropriate, the child, as well as analyse the latest school reports to form a whole picture. Following the assessment, we combine all the information and discuss it with our expert assessor before presenting the findings in a comprehensive report with a follow up consultation and further recommendations.


Some of the assessments that we do: 


  • English language assessment

  • Subject specific assessment including English language

  • Entrance exam and school readiness assessments (7+, 11+, 13+ 16+) 

  • Independent school level assessment

  • WISC-V Test (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) 

  • WIAT-III (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test)

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