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A World Class Education

Child on glass balcony

Switzerland - this small and beautiful country in the centre of Europe remains a global leader in safety, innovation, environment, economy and the standard of living. It is also a home to world renowned boarding schools and hospitality management colleges. 

With small class size, state of the art facilities, a range of educational programmes and an incredible choice of co-curricular offering, your child will become a part of a truly global family. Academic excellence, global outlook, innovation and holistic approach are at the core of the Swiss international schools' education system.

Offering the International Baccalaureate, often together with the Swiss, American, British, French, German or Italian educational programmes, school graduates have a wider choice for their future university career and beyond. The selection of subjects and languages is unparalleled, and often students become fluent in at least three languages. 

Each school has distinct values, traditions and a unique spirit. What unites them is being a home away from home where children make friends for life from all over the world.

We have first hand experience in Swiss boarding schools, summer camps and universities, and are happy to guide families through a process of finding the right school for them. We can also advise on day schools if you are considering relocation. 

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