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Collab Education is the brainchild of two education enthusiasts.

Our founder Valeria

Our Goal

to raise and educate happy, confident, accomplished and passionate children who will contribute to their community and society and strive to make the world a better place. 

Our founder Evgenia

-  parents who are passionate about education and constantly seek to strike a balance for our children.

-  educators who understand the vital importance of lifelong learning from the early years.

-  sure the best outcomes exist as a result of collaboration between  children, parents, educators, and society.

We belive

-  a lot of what actually educates us happens beyond the classroom, in real life.

-  there are no universal solutions that are suitable for education of all children - hyper-personalised approach works most effectively.

We relate to

-  the challenges that parents and educators face and look for solutions and opportunities.


-  the modern and relevant information regarding new and different ways to apply education and learning.

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