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Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to your monthly Collab Education news

Dear Friends,

We trust that you had a restful and joyous festive season, feeling recharged and energetic despite the grey January skies. We wish you a very happy, productive and successful 2023. We look forward to collaborating with you this year, making all your educational dreams and goals a reality- see below for some ideas!

All the best, Collab team.

Plan your next holiday

Beat the January blues by planning your next holiday - for you or your child. Whether you are looking for a family adventure, or prefer to send your children solo to a summer camp for an unforgettable experience, we got it!

What it is all about:

  • Locations: Switzerland, UK and worldwide

  • Ages: 3-16

  • Dates: February half term, April holidays, Summer (June, July and August)

  • Duration: one to six weeks

  • Boarding or Day

  • Academic and activities- anything from a new language, STEM, robotics, leadership to mountain sport, skiing rafting, cooking, sports, horse-riding and much much more- tailored to your needs.

  • Independence, new experiences, friends from all over the world

  • 100% FUN

Some of the most popular camps are already full for certain age groups, so call us asap to find the perfect programme for your child.

Know your child

Discovering your child's academic ability, and more importantly, their potential is a first and crucial step to their educational success. Whether you are changing school systems, considering the next school, preparing for university, or just want to have the tools to improve their learning- there is a way to find out how to do it best.

Administered by an experienced educational psychologist, we conduct a range of tests that might be suitable for your child. The most popular ones are WISC and WIATT assessments that only take half a day and provide you with a comprehensive report covering your child's unique learning strengths and weaknesses.

What lies ahead for your child's education?

Parenting is hard, and we only have one chance to get it right. Education is much more than schooling and grades alone- we all want to see our children happy, accomplished, independent, resilient and confident. Taking into account the fast changing pace of the world, it often feels that we are out of depth when it comes to preparing our children for the future.

You need a strategy. We can help you create one- a personalised and comprehensive blueprint of your child's academic abilities, social interactions, hard and soft skills, family relationships, extracurricular activities and values. We look at the starting points, identify and set clear goals, timeline and required resources and guide you through it.

Not sure where to start? Let's have a chat, a coffee or a consultation and take the stress out of the process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Photos courtesy of @roseycamps @regentcamp

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