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What does the future hold?

With the January blues behind us, it's time to make plans and get back into action. The world of education is also looking ahead - and mostly with optimism.

Teachers crisis has finally hit rock bottom, resulting in strikes in February and March over pay and workload, and an uncertain future for both state and private sector. Schools are no longer just about the academics- we expect pastoral care, enrichment, mental wellbeing and holistic approach for each child. That takes a lot of work, and often scarce resources, piling further pressure.

Unless something changes drastically, good teachers will become scarce. Just like during the pandemic, more parents will turn to the independent schools, raising the entry bar and making that competition for places even fiercer. It is crucial to bear this in mind, and have a Plan - A, B and even C- for your child'd education.

In other news, AI remains a hot topic. While schools in the U.S. are banning ChatGPT, some London schools are taking a fresh view on redefining the future of teaching and homework.

Being adaptable to such rapid technological advances while delivering a rich learning experience is yet another task falling on schools- but it feels like a much needed change.

AI offers incredible learning opportunities for students, and can relieve the teachers from all the additional workload that gets in the way of teaching. We now see it everywhere- from future plans for the IB exams to become digital and use VR, to establishing Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford University Philosophy faculty in 2021. Even the Pope has his own AI advisor.

Here at Collab we've been busy too! This January we already visited three schools - Brighton College, Bede's and Bedales. Each school is very different, with impressive attributes in their philosophy and approach to education. We'll give you all the details in our next post.

Whatever your view is, there is a key thing to remember. Humans are social beings, wired to connect with others. No machine can live a life for you. Our job as parents is to provide a right, rich and stimulating environment for our children, so they learn how to thrive and not merely survive.

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